Friday, May 8, 2009

Travel planning

Well, we shall see how helpful all of my late nights finding hostals & pensions will be. And how much I will actually get to see and do while in Europe. It all seems so easy on paper, but as everthing else, I'm sure it will be more difficult than I anticipate. My general plans are to go to Spain first, Italy then Turkey. That will not change. While in Spain I will be spending time in Barcelona, Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla. Italy is less planned but I have given myself 5 weeks and should be able to see Rome, Vicenza, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and hopefully a visit to the Amalfi coast. I also want to get to Bagnaia and Fiesole to view some landscape architecture that I admired while taking a L.Arch class at NCSU. I fly into Milan from Barcelona on May 28. On July 1 I fly to Istanbul, Turkey for the last 2 weeks of my trip. I have a side trip planned to Cappadoccia and Ephesus with one of my nights reserved with a stay in a ¨fairy chimney¨in Cappadoccia.

My ¨reason for travel¨ has gotten fuzzier since not being able to do the studio in Italy last summer but I am excited to see so much of what I studied while in school. While in school my most captivating ideas for studio projects always came from some systhesis of experiences that I had, not simply an architectural precedent. So I am hoping that this trip sows seeds for further inspiration - not only in precedent, but in an intuitive and experiential way. I experienced so little architecture phyiscally while in school that I think it will feel wonderful to actually be in the variety of spaces and environments I have planned.

My plans are to visit well-know architecture and landscape architecture, and to look at the spaces between buildings. The public space between private buildings interests me and I want to see how it is used and when and why it works.

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