Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

La Mercat Bocqueria! The visual impact as you enter this market stops you dead in your tracks. And the smell of fresh fruit (candy in the photo above) is heavenly. The individual diplays are beautiful, and the cost reflects the additional time spent on it. Further in the back of the market, the colors are just as vivid but the packaging is simpler. I bought cheese, olives and fruit in the back, but had to leave due to the smell. Everywhere I turned there was the salted aged ham Spain is famous for- jamon iberica. I could not stand it. However, I had a woman from Barcelona (Amanda, who is married to a childhood friend of mine) say that once you live in such a beautiful city, you cannot live in a city that does not have the same beauty. So between the markets, the weather, the abundance of tree lined streets and the pedestrian friendly urban plan for the heart of downtown, I know what she means.

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