Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ahhh, finally....

I have heard from people who love and those who dislike Venice. The minute I got out of the train station I was thrilled! I loved Venice. It is Outrageous! Of course I am partial to any place near the water, so this may be just me. But, in this day and age, even with our technology, I cannot imagine who would consider building a town like this. Ambulance boats, trash pickup in boats, the taxis are boats and many off the 'ground floors' are flooded with a few inches of water constantly. I was also unaware that Venice was built on a river delta just like New Orleans. Apparently the forests around Venice were decimated in order to fill in the muck and support the buildings. The wood is preserved as long as it remains submerged & not expose to air. It the problem point where the wood hits the water line that all the decay occurs.

And while Venice is supposed to be expensive, I am finding Florence much more expensive than Venice. The number of tourists I can live with since I think Venice would seem like a ghost town without them. I needs the activity of lots of people on the street, and it always was a busy port bringing in goods & therefore people from all over. I would however get rid of all the tacky vendor stalls. I do not have a photo without them in it (except of course the gondolas). Maybe then the tourists could look at the town. The worst was the bridge of sighs. Not an interesting bridge at all and I bet 99% of the people do not even know why they are looking at it. Well, Venice has wrapped it up in advertising in a way similar to preparing it for surgery. I am now wishing I had taken photos of the buildings & churches in Spain that were under renovation. Each one had a screen covering it, but it had a scale image printed on it of the part of the building that was under renovation. So while it was flat, you could see what the facade looked like.

(Okay, so I got that off my chest. I have some other wonderful images and things to say about Venice in my next post....)

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