Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Duomo in Florence

On my first day in Florence, I went directly to the Cathedral to see The Dome. I had the chance to climb more stairs. Around 500 to get to the top of the dome and see a view of the city and also an upclose of view of the painting of the interior of the dome. The photo below shows the hike up through the dome between the inside and outside layers, so to speak. It was hot and it was absolutely crowded.

Afterwards, I ended my visit in the cathedral listening to the rosary (I was allowed to sneak in - thanks Marco!) and then a walk around the exterior. The pink and green marble design was beautiful and not what I had expected. Of course, I over the next few days I realized that most of the churches in town used pink and green marble. The scale was amazing makes a good landmark for finding your way around the winding streets of Florence.

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