Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hiking Cinque Terre

The hiking between the 3 northern most towns of Cinque Terre was interesting. It was steep enough that much of the path was stairs. And when it was level this is what it looked like! Very narrow, often not much more than 14" wide with no railings and there could be a steep drop on one side and a vertical wall to the other. And,... someone coming towards you on that very path. The views were incredible and much of the time i was walking through vineyards that were growing along the terraces on the side of the hill. (Does anyone recall at what point a hill becomes a mountain?)

When I arrived in Veranazza, it was hot and sunny and the local boys were out on the jetty/breakwater cooling off. The days I was there, the water was too rough for boats to travel from town to town. And all the fishermen had pulled up their boats and put them in the main square or along the road in the main town. The benefit of the rough water was the the waves that hit the jetty and cooled everyone off and the boys above were jumping into the water and letting the waves easily carry them back up on the boat dock. The water level changed about 8 to 10 feet with each wave. This was a beautiful town, but really full of tourists. I would have enjoyed it more later in the evening when things quieted down and I could maybe find a place to sit.

The entry into town from the hiking path.

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