Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bari Gotic

How did they get away with that in the Bari Gotic?!

If you look hard,or enlarge the photo, you can just barely make out the pair of eyes on this door. There is a history here about the bullet or schrapnel scars in the side of this former school....but it is buried under all the information that came later as I traveled. It is however, worth finding if you visit Barcelona.

The cloister to the Cathedral of Barcelona. This was a pleasant and intimate space that offered a sense of relief from the narrow streets and desity of the surrounding neighborhood.

The Cathedral is gothic with a typical ambulatory plan. The front of the Cathedral has a set of steps that lead down under the altar to the tomb of Saint Eulalia. A very unusual plan in that respect.

The Deacon's house with a courtyard of orange trees.

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