Monday, August 24, 2009

Historic & Modern / Old & New.....Shoulder to shoulder in Barcelona

What I found wonderful about Spain, and in these photos Barcelona, was the successful pairing of old and new buildings side by side. In the three photos below, the new building has reinterpreted the rhythm and scale of the neighboring building's windows and balconies, matched up the floor heights. In this area of Barcelona the buidings are beautiful - not just the ground level or up to the second level, but to the top of the building. So it makes a wonderful street scene to watch this dialogue up the entire facade of the buildings.

The curvy, sinuous facade in the three photos below sits catty-corner from Casa Mila/La Pedrera and I saw it talking to that building more than the ones on either side. Both buildings are sited near a large open intersection, so both are visible at the same time.

Another modern building beside an older one. In this case I found the pairing interesting because the modern one would not have appealed to me as much if it were standing by itself. And the older one is nice but looks much like any other along the street. Placing these two together made both of them more interesting.

I like how the pole for the street lamps are eliminated by simply attaching the light to the side of the building...

....Another pairing...

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