Wednesday, August 19, 2009

La Mezquita exterior

Above is a postcard of La Mezquita, an aerial view that must be a part of my images. Without this context it is difficult to imagine just how large it really is.

La Mezquita is a massive building - more than 25,000 square feet - and in some ways, too big to be a landmark in the neighborhood because I could only see one wall at a time (except from one corner). Walking beside it, the sheer scale of the building is impressive and the material stands out from the nearby white-washed buildings of the Jewish Quarter. The walls have been repaired but at the same time are disintegrating. Once I had seen the interior, I appreciated the view of the mosque from the outside even more.

Below is a marker in the ground showing where the pillars stood that supported a bridge which reached from the mosque across the street.

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