Thursday, August 20, 2009

The interior of La Sagrada Familila.

"Architecture is an art when one consciously or unconsciously creates aesthetic emotion in the atmoshere and when this environment produces well being." - Luis Barragan
The interior of the church is soaring - it feels incredibly tall. The nearly uniform material use emphasizes this height. Light comes in through clear glass and in places through colored stained glass that looks modern in design.

The church finally has a roof overhead and the space is enclosed. Gaudi's columns had these strange knots in them because he looked to the structure in nature to create them. They are similar to the knots in trees where a branch thickens up to support the additional weight of additional small branches. The ovals are like scars where the limbs are removed. This had a structural basis, not simply an artistic idea. The circular openings in the roof will house lighting, and these forms were derived from Gaudi's experiments in using straight lines to create curves.
Most of the work on this church is now being done in the computer with 3d models and full scale physical models. Also, much of what Gaudi constructed has been tested on computer programs and found to be structurally sound/correct.

construction materials cover the floor of the chuch and I had to walk around the perimeter. (remember - you can see larger images of these photos - just click on one.)

Another amazing door like the one on the Passion facade. This one has all the languages of the world on it. An interesting side note: The chuch is built entirely off of donations.

Designs for the ceiling are posted behind glass around the perimeter of the church.

The basement workshop where the current architects are working on the remainder of the construction of the church. This is the model shop.

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