Tuesday, August 18, 2009

walking through Cordoba....

The old Jewish Quarter of Cordoba dates from the late Middle Ages and has some defining characteristics: narrow streets; whitewashed walls; riverstone cobbles; open front doors; colorful doors and windows; a real neighborhood where people live.
This street in the old Jewish Quarter has a center swale for water run off - keeping water out of buildings and also off the higher ground where pedestrians will walk.

Below is the wall surrounding the old Jewish Quarter. It is not clear to me if it surround the entire neighborhood because I was surprised to find myself on the outside when only 20 minutes before I had been on the inside.

View into the patio of a home and business in the Quarter.

I had dinner here before my night tour of Cordoba. There was barely enough room for a small table in this street/alley and the waiter more or less had to let people walk past before coming over to my table.

I have fogotten the name of this plaza (maybe plaza de las Tendillas...) but it is the place to be! it was packed with diners and there was going to be live music shortly after we left. This plaza was surrounded by buildings on all four sides, with one side having 2 buildings that did not meet in the center, allowing for vehicle entry.

Night time view of La Mezquita.

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